3 in 4 Brits dreaming of a compostable Christmas

3 in 4 Brits dreaming of a compostable Christmas

Some 10 million turkeys are set to be consumed tomorrow, Christmas day, the majority of which will be wrapped in un-recyclable flexible plastic packaging. This fact won’t sit well with the three-in-four Britons (according to a recent poll) who feel guilty about the packaging waste they will be producing this Christmas.

Two-thirds (66%) of Brits said they would prefer their turkey to be wrapped in compostable packaging with only four percent saying they would not want it wrapped in compostable packaging. 

This comes as four-in-five (83%) are unsure of what plastic can be recycled according to the Populus poll of 2,078 UK adults commissioned by compostable packaging producer TIPA.

Some 72 percent of UK adults polled said they always, often or sometimes feel guilty about the packaging waste they accumulate at Christmas.

Carried out on December 18 and 19, 2019, the statistics highlight how the growing awareness of plastic waste at Christmas is simultaneously met with confusion as to how to correctly recycle or treat it. 

Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and co-founder of TIPA said: “Consumer intent needs, now more than ever, to be met with action. The demand for compostable packaging to replace plastic, as this research has shown, is higher than ever before. Consumers are looking for fully circular packaging solutions, brands are answering consumer demand, and what’s needed now is for sustainable solutions to be encouraged and supported.

“We therefore have a global responsibility to reduce reliance on plastic packaging to allow individuals to make educated and environmentally responsible purchases. With consumer education and the right infrastructure, compostable materials have the power to help us turn off the plastic tap next Christmas.”

For more information about compostable packaging options visit the Tepa site. For further survey info, including the survey raw data, please contact Higginson Strategy

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