Simply C Photography reveals images of relaunched Colchester theatre

Simply C Photography reveals images of relaunched Colchester theatre

Local commercial photographer Cherry Beesley became one of the lucky few to catch a first glimpse of Colchester’s revamped Mercury Theatre after she was commissioned to collate a portfolio of photographs capturing the extensive renovations carried out as part of the theatres multimillion pound regeneration project.

“The theatre actually closed two years ago” Cherry of Simply C Photography explained, “after an amazing fundraising drive the ‘Mercury rising’ project had amassed the amazing sum of £11.3million pounds which enabled the theatre to undergo an amazing transformation programme”.

“Now that works are complete the theatre is ready for everyone to see what an amazing building has been created and I was honoured to be asked to capture the new space as part of its relaunch”

The completed works have left the building almost unrecognisable and far more accessible to all visitors.

The foyer space is bigger and brighter and will be open all day with a new café whilst the main auditorium now contains additional seats; backstage a new rehearsal room has been added along with revamped and extended facilities.

“This really is a performance space for everyone for the future” Cherry confirmed, “they have even made a commitment to sustainability through the introduction of a ‘Bring your own cup policy’ to reduce single-use plastic, as well as increasing the buildings energy efficiency with the expansion of LED lighting, converting to 100% renewable electricity and the implementation of solar panels”.

“I Spent a whole day on site shooting, behind stage, up in the Gods, in the sound and lighting booths, meeting the team that run things behind the scenes, fully understanding what makes this Theatre so special” Cherry explained.

“Like it’s emblem and namesake, the messenger Mercury, connection is at the heart of everything the team strive for and I was delighted to play my part in helping share that message through my images”.

“The Mercury is not just a Theatre. It plays an important part in being a hub of culture, connecting people through live events and participation programmes, encouraging innovation and artistic expression”

The Mercury Theatre building will be opening its doors to the public for a special weekend of events this Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June.

Further information about the theatres amazing transformation can be found here

For more information visit the Simply C Photography website

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