What does a commercial photographer do? And other Simply C FAQs

What does a commercial photographer do? And other Simply C FAQs

As part of an ongoing project to build on the informative structure of her website, Cherry Beesley, Director at Simply C Photography has been busy compiling a number of FAQ pages to help clients better understand how to use, and get the most from, a commercial photographer.

“I am often asked the same questions by potential clients during our discover calls,” Cherry explained, “So it seemed like a great opportunity to compile a ‘go to’ list for interested clients to access”.

“If you want to make an impact and elevate your brand above your competition then high-quality commercial photography is Simply the way to go.”

Cherry’s new website pages will be going live soon, but in the meantime SuffolkWire have a sneak peek at the most common questions asked around commercial photography.

What does a commercial photographer do?

A commercial photographer specialises in capturing images centred around the business, the workplace and the people in it. They can take photographs of staff, products, buildings and processes to show the very essence of a business.

Commercial photography is in high demand: Products and people that appear in adverts, on company brochures, or websites will often be photographed by a commercial photographer. The subject matter could be anything: landscapes, architecture, employees, staff; the key differences between commercial and other types of photography is its intended commercial use, purpose, and audience.

What are examples of commercial photography?

Commercial photography can be used on websites, in brochures, even on social media. Anything that gives customers and potential customers an insight into the way a business operates and the products or services they are offering.

Commercial photography is a great way to share your brand’s story with the world. Capture your products and the people who work at your business with in-depth commercial photography. It’s an excellent way to boost your marketing materials and engage new customers.

How does commercial photography work?

I can only speak for the Simply C way of capturing commercial images but my ethos is that commercial photography should be an honest and appealing insight into your business. To achieve this, I take the time to introduce myself to a client and get to know what their business is about and what they want to achieve. I then have this representation of them as the end goal to their shoot.

What is commercial photography?
Commercial Photography ensures you set the right first impression of your business, products, services, and brands – whatever market you are in! Commercial Photography allows your customers to know who they are buying from, why and what you do and the values and ethics that drive your brand.

 Why is commercial photography important?

As a professional product photographer, my goal is to create the kind of photography that inspires people to visualise your services and products in their own lives, whether you are in the hospitality business and want to increase bookings with mouth-watering food photography, a landscape gardener wanting to drive bookings or an online retailer in need of engaging images for online e-commerce selling, I can help you show your business in all its glory.

How much does a commercial photographer charge?

Because of the individuality of each job, there is no ‘one size fits all’ price for Simply C commercial photography.  Pricing is based on the length of time involved in creating the images and is very much tailored around the client, location and budget. I work very openly and sensitively with each and every client and pricing is a very bespoke and individual process.

If all of this insight has made you realise that a commercial photographer is just what you need visit www.simplycphotography.co.uk for more information.


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