What does your head shot say about you?

What does your head shot say about you?

These days, when it comes to professional networking at all levels, your story matters. And it’s Simply not enough to tell people who you are, you have to show them. After all, telling people you are, say, an accountant, chef, decorator or recruiter won’t give them much to go on. What you need to do is give them a taste of who you are as a person, what your job means to you, and the impact you have – or plan to have – on their business. And the first and best way to show that story is through your professional headshot.

Why does telling your story matter?

In practical terms, it matters a great deal, particularly online. Which let’s face it, is the primary place many of us operate, and meet new people, these days. Having a professional headshot that demonstrates your authentic self, and gets across who you are as a person, and a professional, is now more than just a luxury extra. It’s an investment.

Once you can do that, you’ll improve the volume of engagement, opportunities and connections you can generate from the online community. First impressions do count.

Capturing your authentic self, and telling your story, the Simply C way.

First of all, hands up if you get nervous about having your headshot taken, or you loathe being in front of a camera. You’re not alone. Most people do funnily enough!

Cherry at Simply C Photography explains “Believe it or not creating a head shot that you are happy with is my problem, not yours. For my clients, all they have to worry about is what they wear to the shoot. Beyond that, it’s on my shoulders to use every trick that I’ve learned in my professional experience, to ensure their true, authentic self can shine through.”

It’s a division of labour that has never failed Cherry so far, as the Simply scores of over the moon client testimonials on her website and social media demonstrate.

Over the years, Cherry has worked with professionals from many industries, and from organisations both large and small. She has captured from CEO’s, Directors to the whole workforce.

In recent times, Cherry has been spoiled by the job specific props available whilst working on site with her construction industry clients at Barnes and the Vertas Group. It’s amazing what a hard hat or high vis jacket can do to tell the bigger and more specific job role story within a headshot.

For other clients, of course, it’s Simply their smile and their warmth that tells the story their headshot needs to tell. And for some, it’s a well-placed laptop, tool of their trade or hint of location in the background, that brings out the story.

Working with a professional headshot photographer to define who you are.

As a people person, Cherry loves to understand who her clients are, and what they need from their professional headshot. Together, they work out what style might suit them best, and discuss options that will bring the best out for your brand, and your business.

After all, you’re unique, and your headshot should be too.

Ready to create, update or reimagine your corporate headshots? Contact Cherry today.

Simply visit www.simplycphotography.co.uk

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