Corporate headshots – what should you wear?

Corporate headshots – what should you wear?

The way we dress can say a lot about ourselves and the way in which we would like to be perceived.  Choosing what to wear in a professional capacity can be even more difficult than choosing what you wear in your personal life!

Here, Cherry Beesley from Simply C Photography, advises on how to find that perfect balance between representing yourself and representing your business.

The Golden Rule On Outfits

The first piece of advice I would give anyone is that the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Having your photograph taken can be unnerving at the best of times, particularly if you’re not used to the focus being on you.  Whilst I will always aim to help a client feel relaxed during a photo-shoot, it’s hard to beat wearing clothing that you know you feel comfortable in, when it comes to feeling at ease.

Consider what impression you would like to make

Many people come to me for their corporate headshots for the same reason; they are seeking to convey a natural, friendly and approachable image.

The fact that this style of photography is labelled as ‘corporate headshots’, doesn’t mean that it has to be corporate in the traditional sense. It’s more than acceptable to portray a bit of personality in your headshots these days – the adage ‘people buy people’ has never been more true, so embrace it and don’t be afraid to be different.

Think about your photographs’ intended usage

Before I start working, we discuss what the image will be used for and where it will be used. This will help me put the shots into context and ensure that the photos are provided in the right format or orientation for example, as well as keep the intended audience in mind.

Limit your clothing choices

If you’re not sure what to wear, or what will look good on camera, bring along a change of clothes.

I recommend taking only two tops however, in order to minimise the amount of time you spend at the photo-shoot itself. This will not only prevent you from tensing up as time goes by, but will also help to manage costs!

Less is more

When it comes to make up, the temptation for many ladies is to put on more product than they would usually wear when going to work, or when going out for the evening.

This often results in an unnatural look, however, it’s worth remembering that the camera can pick up on heavy makeup, mascara clumps or dry lipstick for example.

The natural look is by far the preference, not just for me but for my clients also, who love how approachable this makes them appear in their final shot.

Be yourself

‘Being yourself’ can be applied to many of the above aspects, including the clothing that you choose and the impression you wish to make. One reason so many businesses use corporate headshots is to instil a sense of familiarity in the minds of potential customers.

Whether they have come across images of your team on your website or in your brochures, it’s important to remember that they will have formed particular expectations about the person they have just seen.

To bare or not to bare?

Whilst injecting a bit of personality and creativity into your corporate headshot is a positive move, remaining professional is still key. That’s why I suggest to my headshot clients that they stick to the ‘no bare shoulders’ rule.

A blouse, sleeved dress, cardigan or blazer adds that additional touch of professional credibility to a photo-shoot and is generally regarded as a ‘safe bet’.

Consider your branding

Something else you may wish to consider is the colour of your outfits. Does your business have a strong visual identity? A corporate headshot is very much an extension of your marketing collateral, so if you have any particular colours that you use in your company logo, think about whether you need to include these within your shoot also.

For more information visit the Simply C Photography website or call Cherry on  07775 851827.

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