How to reduce your printing budget with managed print

How to reduce your printing budget with managed print

The future may be about embracing digital innovation, but let’s face it, many of our businesses still rely on printed information for internal and external communication. Print is actually still one of the largest expenses for many organisations, estimated to be at around 5% of business turnover. It’s also one of the least understood, with one study showing that 9 out of 10 business owners are unaware of their total printing and paper spend.

Fortunately, the Subnetic team have applied some of that digital innovation to the issue, and created a Managed Print Solution that offers superior equipment, reduced costs, and the ability to oversee printer use at management level.

Hang on, it only costs 5p to print a piece of paper. What’s the problem?

True, it costs pennies to print a sheet of A4. However, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. With the average employee printing in the region of ten thousand pieces of paper each year, those costs soon mount up. Particularly when you consider the additional costs of maintaining and replacing all your production equipment, including your printers, scanners and copiers.

In fact, one US study estimated that for every $1 dollar spent on printing, businesses spent an additional $9 on managing their equipment. Which means those pennies soon mount up.

Managed Print isn’t about adding a new expense to your budget, it’s about reducing your current spend.

Subnetic’s Managed Print Solution starts with an analysis of your current print environment. We’ll track which devices get the most use, and which departments are printing the most documents.

This is the first step in identifying where unnecessary printing is taking place, and establishing where costs can be cut. That might mean ending needless maintenance contracts for unused equipment, consolidating devices, or reducing the amount of printing that is carried out.

Equipment built to last.

One of the major hidden costs of printing come from the constant need to replace, maintain and repair your equipment. And that’s before you factor in the need for regular expensive cartridge replacements.

Over the decades, we’ve come to accept that printers are often flimsy, prone to failure, and temperamental, but things shouldn’t have to be that way.

Which is why we’ve partnered with a printing equipment manufacturer that offers durable modern equipment for lease to our clients. That means you’ll experience reduced downtime due to equipment problems, and less upkeep costs. And best of all, our printers cost less than you might think.

With our Managed Print Solution, you’ll pay less over time than you would for your old equipment, particularly when you factor in the reduced costs of resupplies, maintenance, and replacement parts. And because our solution comes with innovative energy saving technology, you’ll further save costs via reduced energy bills.

Painless resupplies and reduced wastage.

Not only can our Managed Print Solution reduce your paper usage by giving you analytics and oversight on staff printing, but our devices also use sustainable refill methods. That means less strain on the environment, and less strain on your pocket.

With a fully automated reordering process, you also won’t need to allocate staff to keeping on top of stock levels. The management software that comes with our solution will recognise when ink is running low, and ensure you never run out again.

As we embrace remote and blended working, it’s a great time to look at ways you can cut office expenses, reduce upkeep on equipment, and identify needless costs that eat into your budget. Get in touch with Subnetic today, and let’s talk about how we can reduce your costs.


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