Empower your hybrid teams with hosted voice

Empower your hybrid teams with hosted voice

Lockdown taught us the huge potential flexible working has for our businesses. Which is why the end of restrictions doesn’t necessarily mean the end of working from home for many SMEs. However, the success of any remote or hybrid model rests on the ability of your team to communicate, collaborate and connect with colleagues and customers alike. Is your current telephony up to this challenge? 

Whether your people are in the conference room, or the spare bedroom, their ability to work at their best relies on how well they can communicate with the outside world. And that’s where Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems come in.

Corporate telephony for a remote workplace

A VoIP subscription can be accessed through a smartphone, computer or desktop handset… basically wherever it’s required. This means office extensions can now fit in pockets and go wherever your staff need to be.

And when it comes to incoming calls, your receptionist and call centre staff can present a professional front desk service, without leaving their front door. In short, VoIP offers you the kind of professional corporate telephone link to the outside world your customers and partners expect, even if you no longer maintain a standard office set up.

A host of collaborative tools

Going beyond simple phone calls, VoIP provides a wide range of potent collaborative tools. From videoconferencing to group calls, to instant messaging and file transfer, this tech is designed to meet the challenges of a widely distributed workforce.

It’s the perfect way to encourage closer teams through the ability to touch base at the touch of a button, tap into meetings on the go, and maintain regular catch ups with managers.

Open your doors to national and international talent

With the ability to bring remote workers securely into your telephony network, you not only give your employees flexibility on where they can work, you also offer your organisation the ability to recruit the right talent, regardless of their physical location.

Whether you’re looking to take advantage of international recruitment, or simply want to widen the net beyond people who live within commuting distance of your head office, VoIP ensures your telephony will nurture close collaboration with colleagues.

Flexible for your people, and flexible on costs

Because VoIP telephony is hosted via the Cloud, it doesn’t rely on hardware, onsite maintenance, or cabling. This means it costs nothing to access, if you already have sufficient broadband.

Even better, our VoIP package works on a subscription model, rather than hardware access. That means adding – or removing – ‘seats’ to your package is a simple and quick process. This empowers you with the ability to scale up, or adjust to seasonal peaks and troughs in demand, at speed.

Meanwhile, with free UK calls, and no or low cost international calls, expect a drastic reduction to your phone bill from day one. Who said new tech has to cost more than the old stuff?

Is your telephony ready to support your hybrid plans? There’s never been a better time to connect with VoIP telephony, so call Subnetic today and let them connect you to the future.

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