Introducing Subnetic Solutions new feature – Subnetic Mobile

Introducing Subnetic Solutions new feature – Subnetic Mobile

Businesses are opting to abandon lengthy two-year contracts in favour of a simple SIM only contract. Our SIM-only plans provide only a SIM card with allowances for data, texts and calls dependent on the plan a business chooses.

So, what is it?

Pick a SIM only plan that’s right for you and your business.

Our unique relationship with major mobile network means that we are able to offer competitive prices, improve your service experience and streamline your services. While saving you money.

When it comes to Subnetic Mobile, it is simple;

We understand that communication is an important part of doing business, with employers and employees needing to stay in touch with their customers, suppliers, and other third parties.

We offer unbeatable value with our call, text, and data bundles and, whatever the size of your business we are able to tailor a mobile package to suit your requirements.

Unique network guarantee

As an independent provider, with leading network relationships, we are uniquely positioned to offer the very best call and data packages from leading networks (O2, Three, Vodafone, EE)

In a world where hybrid working is the new ‘normal’, Subnetics versatility allows businesses to interface from home without any disruption to service levels.

Not only will you have superior call quality, you can also participate in meetings from anywhere in the world. You never need to miss a call.

Adrian Linggi, Director of Subnetic Solutions said; “We are pleased to add this service to our communication portfolio, we believe that this is the future for hybrid workers and this new service will give our clients the quality and adaptability they need.

“So if you are happy with your smartphone and are just looking to reduce your monthly costs, then a Subnetic SIM-only deal might be the best option for you”

There has been not better time to connect with Subnetic mobile. Call us today and let us connect you to the future.

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