BT analogue switch-off is happening – and two thirds of SME’s are unprepared

BT analogue switch-off is happening – and two thirds of SME’s are unprepared

In December 2025, all Public Switch Telephone (PSTN) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), will be switched off, culminating in one of the biggest communication changes affecting the UK for over 30 years and bringing an end to the analogue phone era.

By converging all its digital services to IP, BT Openreach will refocus its efforts into new technology that will meet the future demands of businesses throughout the UK.

BT’s current plan is to stop installing traditional telephone lines and ISDN services in 2023.  Over two million UK businesses will be affected by the switch off, many of which will be small and medium sized businesses.

Adrian Linggi Managing Director of leading IT and VoIP provider, Subnetic Solutions warns; “The switch off will affect many businesses in the UK that are currently using traditional telephone services. Whilst the shutdown isn’t scheduled until December 2025, businesses need to prepare that BT will soon stop providing technical support for declining ISDN or PSTN lines.

“We have spoken to many businesses who don’t understand the full repercussions of this switch off and how it will affect their business.

“The switch to Voice over IP is easy and comes with a huge range of benefits, such as reduced costs, versatility and scale up opportunities.  Businesses should really be thinking about making the switch as soon as possible.”

For further information on VoIP and Hosted IP services, contact the team at Subnetic Solutions, 01462 418618 


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