No job too big

No job too big

As a Professional Photographer Cherry Beesley  always tries to impress on people the value that photography can bring to a business in creating the right first impression of them and the authenticity of their brand. How one well planned commercial branding photoshoot can create unique bespoke images that not only captures the product or services but the real story, people and values behind that business.

High quality photography should work across your complete suite of marketing tools and, with some fore-thought, planning and structure, can produce enough varied images to refresh your printed literature, regenerate your social media, and create consistency in your staff LinkedIn corporate headshot profiles. And it doesn’t stop there!

Commercially focused photographs can also be used to populate your website with case study images, product examples, project summary’s and give your ‘Meet the team’ content the vibrancy and authenticity it deserves. These images can elevate your business head and shoulders above your competition in a way that stock photographs never can.

‘NO JOB TOO BIG’ is a phrase Cherry lives by and it’s one that has seen Simply C Photography  grow year on year since its inception. Cherry has recently completed some ‘mega’ projects (in every sense of the word) for some iconic Suffolk businesses who wanted to gain maximum benefit from their time with her and she left no scenario uncovered when it came to creating their extensive library of images by identifying first what was need, where it was going and why.

Ipswich based Barnes Construction wanted a suite of commercial images that covered a number of different areas. They commissioned Cherry to capture lifestyle headshots of all their staff, individual and group personal branding headshots of the Directors and ‘story-telling’ images of the business which they could use in their social media. These pictures captured their team ‘in action’ – in meetings, on site (particularly at the prestigious Homerton College project; a circa £10m scheme that began in 2020 and is due for completion in February 2022) and back in the office discussing the projects progress.

Barnes Construction aren’t alone in their all-encompassing approach, The Vertas Group (another Suffolk success story who have recently reached number 19 in the Suffolk Top 100 Report) required a similar ‘top to toe’ outcome and their commercial branding photography commission was another project that really does encapsulate all that Cherry as a commercial photographer can offer to businesses.

With headshots, office images, on site photography in various sites and lifestyle images that captured a businesses’ story and professional services rather than product you could be forgiven for thinking that these sound-like mammoth undertakings and that coordinating photoshoots of this size and diversity would require a team of photographers, a lorry load of equipment, a big budget and numerous hours allocated to managing and bringing to fruition. But this Simply isn’t the case!

After an initial consultation a precise plan is put in place ensuring the photoshoot, wherever the location or subject, is timed and agreed beforehand, minimising disruption to the business. Key shots and their uses are agreed and factored in to the planning so that no opportunity is missed.

The additional benefit of working with one professional photographer is consistency in the style running through the images, which ensures a seamless story throughout the company brand, wherever you intend to use them and produces images that engage with your ideal customer.

If you want to get the most from your marketing budget and ready your business for the future with a professional photographic shoot that generates an amazing range of bespoke images the Simply C way – Candid, Creative and Commercial focused, Cherry would Simply love to hear from you.


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