Should your brand image represent the ‘new normal’

Should your brand image represent the ‘new normal’

Fingers crossed, the UK is finally heading back to some sort of normality. Lockdown has given many businesses the opportunity to reassess how they want to present themselves and update their brand image- including the photos on their website, social media, and printed matter.


Suffolk based commercial branding photographer Cherry Beesley of Simply C Photography has been helping local businesses do exactly that to prepare for the ‘new normal’.


“Lots of businesses are wanting the photographs they use to better represent the world as it is now” Cherry explains, “crowded shops, group shots and busy office images aren’t true representations of how things are now. Lots of people are also feeling apprehensive about venturing out or returning to work so it’s important to show people that your business is safe, and your doors are open”.


Here Cherry highlights some of the adaptation’s businesses are keen to portray:


Your workplace

Depending on the nature of your business the actual layout of your premises may have changed to accommodate customers, clients, and guests. Shops, restaurants, and hairdressers in particular have had to take extra measures to keep customers safe and distanced – whether using Perspex screens, hand sanitising stations, additional PPE or revised layouts. Some have also taken the opportunity to refresh and redecorate, even more of a reason to show off the ‘new normal’.


Headshots and people

With so much work now virtually focused is your profile picture up to date? How does your LinkedIn headshot look – will people recognise you? Business dynamics are changing and shifting with furlough and redundancy but for some industries new hires have also come onboard. Fresh and consistent headshots and team shots will let everyone know who they are dealing with.


Business as usual…

Whether the re-opening of your business has seen changes to the staff behind the scenes or amendments to the aesthetic appearance, updating your images shows people that you are very much ‘open for business’. Keeping them informed and prepared for what to expect on their next visit can also be psychologically very reassuring – and the difference between them coming or not.

One fact remains, that life Simply must go on and we have to accept that things (even if it’s only a temporary measure) have changed.


“The need for professional and consistent images across your marketing portfolio remains – as does the Simply C ethos to take creative, candid photographs that will enable you to stand out from the crowd, strengthen your brand and ultimately boost your sales”.

To book a shoot or to find out more information visit the Simply C Photography website or call Cherry on 07775 851827 and have a chat.



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