3 Tips For Ensuring Security Measures in New Build Housing Developments

3 Tips For Ensuring Security Measures in New Build Housing Developments

The laws of supply and demand have always made real estate an in-demand commodity, but over time stand-alone period properties have given way to new norms: housing projects. With amenities on your doorstep and a sense of community focus, it’s not hard to see why investing in housing developments has become so popular.

So much so that every ten homes purchased this year were found to be new builds. Yet, one of the most attractive features of new build housing developments is prioritising the safety of the families living there. However, UK criminals continue to get bolder, which is why in such a scenario, it is vital to ensure the housing development you’re investing in has quality security measures in place. We list several tips to bear in mind below:

Top-Of-The-Range Security Equipment

Another security feature you should consider is top-of-the-range security equipment inside and surrounding the property to stop any unauthorised entry on the grounds or residencies. To demonstrate that the estate prioritises its resident’s safety, it should have top-of-the-range security equipment like security cameras, burglar alarms, aluminium framed windows, louvred screens, steel security doors, and other specialised security equipment. This can be sourced from providers like LBS Group.

From fire protection security equipment, roller grilles, steel doors, and burglar bars, they have everything a new build housing development needs to ensure the safety of the families living there. If the housing development you’re investing in is missing any of these features, consider visiting their website or contacting them directly to organise an installation and see how their services could make your community safer today.

Intercom Systems

Especially if the housing development is a block of flats, each property must have an intercom system so that homeowners can communicate with outsiders without putting themselves (or others) at risk.

Whether a resident has ordered food delivery or just expecting guests around, it can be hard to tell if it’s the person you’re expecting when you live in a block of flats (especially if you’re not ground floor). It’s essential to be able to communicate with the person outside before giving them access.

Some housing developments may enhance this security feature by adding peepholes on front doors so that residents can see whom they’re opening the door to before they physically do so or intercoms that record pictures and audio so they can be sure it is the person they think it is.

Around-The-Clock Security Guards

One of the first security features a new build housing development should implement is around-the-clock security guards. Since new build housing developments can house a large variety of people at once, from children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, issues can quickly arise that would benefit from having security on the scene immediately.

Whether neighbours aren’t getting along well or outside issues arise, having security guards on the premises twenty-four-seven is beneficial for many reasons, from being a visual deterrent for would-be thieves to being on hand to answer calls of distress and many more. Not only does it help to keep disturbances at bay, but it helps residents feel more relaxed since they know someone is always there to help.

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