Southend-on-Sea’s property market offers faster returns than other major UK cities

Southend-on-Sea’s property market offers faster returns than other major UK cities

A new study reveals the top cities for the fastest return on investment in the UK housing market. 
The study conducted by, analysed current market data from Zoopla, Rightmove, and Propertypal to reveal the best place to buy a one-bedroom property for the fastest return on your investment. 


This was done by comparing the average price of a one-bedroom property in all 76 UK cities and the Isle of Man to the average monthly rental income. 
The results showed that Coventry is the best city to invest in property because it will return your deposit faster than any other UK city. It would take you as little as 14.8 months to ultimately earn back your initial deposit of £19.875 with its exceptional rental yield of 12.2%. 
Coventry is also known for its vibrant music and arts scene, which attracts a diverse population of young professionals, students, and families.  
Additionally, Coventry’s transport links to major cities such as Birmingham and London could make it an attractive location for people looking to relocate or commute. 
The second-best place to invest in the UK if you’re looking for a fast ROI is Birmingham. It takes approximately 15.6 months for the 12.5% rent yield to return your initial deposit. 
Londonderry (also known as Derry) in Northern Ireland ranked third as one of the best places to invest for a quick return, with it only taking 17 months to recoup your initial deposit. An important metric for potential investors is that Londonderry has the lowest deposit amount of any area in this study, with a 15% deposit on the average one-bed property only costing £8.437.50. 
Southend-On-Sea comes in fourth place. The London-adjacent seaside town has an average rental yield of 9.4% and a return timeline of just over a year and a half. 
The central Scotland city of Stirling takes the fifth position. It follows Southend-On-Sea closely behind, taking 19.5 months for the average property rental of £633.75 to return your 15% deposit on a one-bed property. 
Bradford takes sixth place, with it taking 20.4 months to earn back a 15% deposit in the city. Seventh place goes to Derby where it takes 21 months for the 8.59% rent yield to generate the initial property investment. 
In joint eighth place are Armagh and Newry. The deposit for both cities is just over half that of Derby at £11,250, and it also boasts a rental yield above 8%. On top of that, it would only take 21.4 months to earn back your initial deposit. 
The ninth spot is claimed by Dundee, with the average 15% deposit taking 22.2 months to return your initial investment.  
Rounding off the top ten is Milton Keynes. The average ROI period in Milton Keynes is 22.3 months – only three days more than that of Dundee.


Top 10 Best Cities for One-Bed Property ROI UK
City Avg 15% Avg Rental Time to Earn Back Rent Yield
Rank Deposit Amount Income /Month Deposit (Months)
1 Coventry £19,875 £1,345 14.8 12.18%
2 Birmingham £29,747 £1,903 15.6 11.51%
3 Londonderry £8,438 £495 17.0 10.56%
4 Southend-On-Sea £21,675 £1,138 19.1 9.45%
5 Stirling £12,375 £634 19.5 9.22%
6 Bradford £14,511 £713 20.4 8.84%
7 Derby £20,438 £975 21.0 8.59%
8 Armagh £11,250 £525 21.4 8.40%
8 Newry £11,250 £525 21.4 8.40%
9 Dundee  £11,887.50  £535 22.2 8.10%
10 Milton Keynes  £27,375 £1,225 22.3 8.05%


The average three-bedroom property in the UK has a rent of £1,648, takes 55 months to earn back a 15% deposit, and has a rent yield of 3.86%. 
The average one-bedroom property in the UK has a rent of £957.13, takes 37.6 months to earn back a 15% deposit, and has a rent yield of 5.75%. 

Speaking on the findings, a spokesperson from said: 

“This research highlights the importance of evaluating current market conditions when considering investing in the housing market. By analysing the live market data, we can provide valuable insights for motivated property investors who are looking to maximize their return on investment in 2023.” 

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