Granny Annexe makes it on to the Top 5 list of home improvements

Granny Annexe makes it on to the Top 5 list of home improvements

In recent years, the relationship between people and their homes has changed dramatically. A survey by Rated People—a UK-based tradesperson database—found that 49% of UK residents have made improvements to their homes in order to maximize space and functionality.

Influenced by enforced time spent at home many people have had to re-configure how they live to make the best use of their living/working space (or lack of it) and with enforced time apart from family members it is no surprise that Granny Annexes are among the top five improvements that homeowners want to spend their money on (alongside extensions, conservatories and reconfiguring walls).

Meeting your needs

If a Granny Annexe is on your list of ‘must haves’ we recommend starting with a clear idea of what you hope to achieve. Will it actually become a home for granny? Or maybe you are looking to reduce the time and cost of your commute to work, create an additional spare room or simply a space to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? MPs have even recently pointed towards the Granny Annexe as a potential to ease the cost of living crisis, especially for young people who are struggling to leave the family home.

Some of the most common uses include:

  • Yoga studio
  • Spare bedroom
  • Children’s playroom
  • Home working space
  • Home gym
  • Socialising and entertaining space
  • Music or hobby room

Year-round use

A key consideration for your Granny Annexe is making sure that it can be used all year round and, if people will be living or staying in there for any length of time then connection to services and adequate insulation should be factored in. The use can also be enhanced by deciding where to site your Granny Annexe – the best natural light, easy access – or maybe you are lucky enough to have a large garden so that the annexe can have a degree of privacy or a prime sunny spot.

Type of structure

Once you have decided what your Granny Annexe will be used for and the space you can use to position it you can consider the budget you will need to make your plans a reality. It is also worth considering that a well-constructed, versatile Granny Annexe can add value to your home (Estimates suggest you could see your asking price rise by as much as 20-30%)

The team at Garden Annexes  have a range of Annexes to suit all needs; 4 different styles, in 24 sizes, all of which are available with a range of finishes and options. Even better, you can book a visit to their Garden Annexes Display Area and the team will be happy to show you the full range, and answer any questions you have about the design, style, installation and maintenance of your annexe.

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