Capturing the essence of a place through great photography

Capturing the essence of a place through great photography

Cherry Beesley at Simply C Photography is a genius at capturing the essence of a place with her location photography. Her clients also love the effect her photography has had on their marketing campaigns and footfall. Here, she explains the difference getting the right photography of a location can make to a business.

I’ve always believed that great commercial photography has the power to bring a location to life. Get it right, and when a person views an image of, say, your company offices on your website, they aren’t just looking at a picture of a room with desks in it, you’re actually giving them the opportunity to understand what your business is really about. If you can communicate a sense of your gravitas, expertise, and vibrant energy within your imagery, then your website visitors are already one step closer to getting in touch and using your products or services.

Over they years I’ve been commissioned to captured hundreds of different locations all over Suffolk and beyond. Be it rural, coastal, urban… I Simply love it, because as a photographer, I’m spoiled for inspiration by this beautiful county. Before each photo shoot, I work with my clients to understand what commercial message they want to get across with their photography, and then used my creative eye, my love of natural lighting, and often candid and relaxed images of staff and clients to tell that story, and deliver that message.

Property sales – When you sell a property, often you’re selling a sense of lifestyle. It’s about presenting visuals that tap into a sense of idealism… that a property comes with a desirable lifestyle. It’s about showing the space off at its best, and showing how it can be used for entertaining, for example, or a place where children can play and explore. As a commercial photographer with a history of set design, I often like to dress my own locations. It’s incredible how you can use props, such as large house plants or even just carefully organised shelving, to give a sense of warmth, style and space.

Events and conferences – Capturing an event is all about generating that FOMO factor. Finding those moments of total engagement from the audience, highlighting the hospitality, and getting across that sense of opulence and fun only takes a few key details, but it’s all about eliciting that ‘wish you were there’ feeling.

Hotels and restaurants – What makes your venue special? Sometimes an image of a dog asleep by a roaring fire can say more about your what your Sunday dinner menu is all about than a thousand food shots. It’s about selling that dream afternoon, that perfect family meal, or that priceless brunch with old friends. Get it right and before people have even visited your restaurant, they will feel, smell, and salivate about what they see in your commercial images. And if you can engage the senses, then you’re well on your way to getting that booking.

One step beyond

If you want people to visit your hotel or restaurant, buy your house, or go on your holiday, you need to communicate that wider sense of place, and what the surrounding can offer. The local views, the rolling countryside and local architecture are all key ingredients in communicating this part of the story – and can help build a stronger picture of what your location can offer.

Want to place yourself squarely in your customer’s minds? Contact Cherry.

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