The worst Christmas light and decoration displays

The worst Christmas light and decoration displays

Leading tradespeople comparison website,, has looked at some of the worst lighting displays and Christmas decorations to have made it into the festive season to highlight how not to Christmas if you don’t want to offend your neighbours, friends and family.

Some people go all out on lighting up their homes but not everyone gets it right. Sometimes lights can accidentally look like something they weren’t intended to… like the below displays.

Although sometimes the end product is very much intended like this hand gesture in the image below and playful use of Christmas imagery. On the opposite side of the fence, some homeowners appear to give it their best shot but the result is just dire. We’re not sure the image of various Christmas figures thrown on tar-poling is supposed to show the aftermath of a traffic accident or if it’s just really, really badly put together. Whatever it is, it certainly doesn’t scream joy to all men. Some look professionally put together but could be viewed in poor taste by some. But hey, it’s a long sleigh ride around the world and when you gotta go, you gotta go. But it’s not just the outside of the house where people can get it wrong.

Again, questionable interior decorations range from the unintended like Santa holding a, ummm, candle. There’s also weaponised tree hangers, alternative fairies for the tree and a wide array of items depicting nudity and sexual acts. Not quite fun for the whole family and could throw up some difficult questions from the young ones.

Founder and CEO of, Tarquin Purdie, commented: “From the imaginative to the accidental and even the flat out wrong, some of us see Christmas as an opportunity to go against the grain and showcase our individuality with some weird and wonderful lighting displays or decorations.

“Outside of the house, phallic symbols, rude words and gestures, or the expulsion of some form of bodily substance seem to be the most common occurrences, whilst behind closed doors and in the privacy of our own home decorations of a risqué nature with a focus on nudity seem to prevail. Not sure what that says about us as a nation, but Merry Christmas to one and all.”

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