Will outsourcing IT support be good for my SME?

Will outsourcing IT support be good for my SME?

Digital technology is capable of empowering businesses through increased productivity, superior customer experience, and a sharpened competitive advantage.

When used effectively.

For SMEs, where time, staff and resources are often in short supply, IT can become a gremlin that distracts from business goals and without regular training, even dedicated in-house IT staff can miss emerging cyber-safety threats, not to mention opportunities for digital-led improvements to operations. Which is why many SMEs are outsourcing their IT support, to ensure their digital tech is working with them, not against them.

Here’s what outsourcing your IT can do for your business.


24/7/365 support.

IT problems don’t have weekends or evenings off. When you employ an in-house IT team, you might have enough staff to ensure holidays are covered, but what happens if your customer service portal goes down at the weekend, or in the middle of the night?

When you outsource your IT to Subnetic, you’re putting your tech in the hands of a large team of experts who are available on rotation around the clock. And that means there is always someone on hand to respond to problems should they occur.

Proactive, not reactive, support.

At Subnetic, our support team don’t just react to things that have happened to your IT systems. We regularly look at how your infrastructure is working, and investigate ways to prevent issues, to reduce the potential for downtime.

Staying cyber-secure.

Cyber-attacks are no longer the stuff of science fiction. In recent years alone, the likes of the NHS, local councils, and hundreds of SMEs throughout the UK have found themselves brought to their knees by sophisticated hackers. Reputations have been damaged, customer data stolen, and profits wiped out. And this problem is only going to get worse as online criminals find new and inventive ways to attack networks.

At Subnetic, our specialist cyber-security team are trained to protect businesses from these kinds of attacks. And with our precautionary measures and constant monitoring in place, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t be a soft target for an unscrupulous cyber-criminal.

Service to your screen in minutes.

With remote working likely to stay popular, even after the pandemic restrictions are no longer in place, it looks like the days of the onsite IT technician are numbered. Which is good news, because Subnetic have a faster and more effective way of doing things.

On average, we respond to a request for help in less than ten minutes. And with remote access to your system, we can get to work on the problem, no matter where you’re based, and resolve the issue ASAP.

Connectivity you can stake your reputation on.

When your telephony and business critical systems are all hosted in the Cloud, a patchy network connection is going to cost you productivity, customer satisfaction, and lost revenue.

Having access to a resilient, secure and reliable network that is maintained around the clock, and capable of reaching everyone in your team, is vital to your operation.

Subnetic will work closely in partnership with network providers to ensure you have reliable access to a range of network options. Whatever your needs, you can be sure of one thing: You will get security, reliability and support as standard.

In fact, you won’t ever have to think about it. We’ll take care of your connectivity while you concentrate on your business goals.

Ready to invest in professional, dedicated and proactive IT support? Get in touch today.



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